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  • Period Positivity: Explained

    You may have heard the term (or seen the hashtag) period positive flying around in conversations on menstrual health. But what is period positivity? And how can it be helpful for you? Coined in 2006 by period activist, PSHE teacher and comedian, Chella Quint, period positive is an award, a curriculum model and a learning […]

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  • A Lack of Menopause Support is Driving Women Out of the Workforce

    Imagine, you’ve spent your adult life building your career only to find yourself forced to leave due to a completely natural bodily transformation. For many people experiencing menopause, this is their reality. Generally speaking, menopause arrives between the ages of 45 and 55, although for some it may begin outside of this age range. While […]

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  • Why We Should Be Talking About Menstrual Leave Policies

    Menstrual leave is a thorny subject. For many, it represents an opportunity to talk about the very real need for greater flexibility in the workplace to accommodate menstruation. But for others, it’s a dangerous idea that goes against the hard won right for women to be seen as equal in the workplace. Following the news […]

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