Guest Post: Road Trip Through Northern Italy

Last September (in between lockdowns) I was lucky to take a road trip around the famous lakes of Northern Italy. If you want some vicarious travel content, you can read all about our adventure on the excellent bi-lingual travel blog Voyage de Miel.

I know that for a lot of people holiday’s feel like a long way off right now. But, if you’re anything like me, thinking about your next trip may be just the thing to keep excited about the future.

Looking at pre-Covid pictures and dreaming of when we can all travel safely again has gotten me through the last few months and, although it feels like a long way off, I know that it’ll be all the sweeter to holiday after lockdown 2 is over.

So, for more road trips, travel tips, and advice, head to Voyage de Miel now.

One response to “Guest Post: Road Trip Through Northern Italy”

  1. Sebastian Manhart Avatar
    Sebastian Manhart

    Ah beautiful memories. Great write up and fantastic pics (wonder who took them 😉


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